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Naomi is a circus artist, a singer, a writer, a mover, a musician.
All of these are labels. Nothing of it is finished. It is ongoing creation.

Naomi is a spaceholder for creative and love-ful unfolding.

Through personal exchange (coaching) and group training Naomi accompanies you into:

Recovering your ability to Create

 Inhabiting Your Body. 

For loving, living, creating, being, your body is your home. It is your well full of answers.
Your body is at the origin of all your possibilities.
Your body is also a score of memories.

If you feel unable to create in ways you sense is possible, 
a dialogue with and adequate care for your bod
y is necessary.

Feeling. What exactly? Being. How?
Understanding and regulating your nervous system. Why?
If you want to create, and you are not managing,
the embodiment of your body is the starting point for any journey to turn out fruitful.

Learning, transforming, recovering your sense of agency in life, confidence and trust.
Beyond the delusion that the answer is always more pressure, more structuring, more control, more planning and more combat energy. 

Most of me was born between mango trees, wild and domesticated animals
and the beauty of lake Nyasa, in the country of Malawi.
The African people where among the first people I looked up to.

Having started my life in such extraordinary surroundings kept me moving
to look for evidence that life could be meaningful,
in times that I did not experience it as such.






Ranging from 2 hours to 5 days, immersing in sound, song, improvisation, in-depth feeling, authentic transformation and play. Technical guidance.


Connecting your heart to your word. Learning to see the images that contain everything. Self-discovery. Sculpting meaning.

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