Most of me was born between mango trees, wild and domesticated animals
and the beauty of lake Nyasa, in the country of Malawi.
The African people where among the first people I looked up to.

Having started my life in such extraordinary surroundings kept me moving to 
look for evidence that life could be meaningful,
in times that I did not experience it as such.

Having moved through 2 continents, 5 countries and 7 schools in 3 school systems before turning 17,
with parents who were also nomads from birth, having learned different interpretations of life through the learning of 4 languages and having been the only white kid in a local Gambian school before coming to Europe,
I had contrasting things to integrate and have navigated feeling lost, rootless and unable to decide
How Things Are. I later found out this groundlessness, as with many challenges, also comes with benefits.
It is part of my commitment to create an authentic life for which there are no models.



Through various types of schooling and unschooling 

and a life-long commitment to noticing what happens inside and outside,

I am dedicated to take Feeling out of its
rejected, marginalised and ridiculed status

and bridge the gap between human beings and this inner source of guidance that our bodies offer naturally.

I am my own laboratory and what I learn from others and about myself is what I offer.

This is my service to love, intimacy, clarity, empowerment and evolution.


Possibility Management is an evolving, open-source world of practices, thoughtmaps and processes to initiate human beings into the adulthood that lies dormant in many adults as the blueprint of a tree in a seed.
Even though many of us have adult bodies, most of us do not take responsibility for our feelings, thoughts and actions in the way we could if we were initiated into adulthood earlier.
Much of the clarity I work with is powered by Possibility Management, which in turn is and was empowered by all the people that were willing to create, try out and share experiments for the past 30 years,
for the sake of learning and spreading all the knowledge and skill we unfortunately never learned in school because we were busy memorising the dates of wars.




Ranging from 2 hours to 5 days, immersing in sound, song, improvisation, in-depth feeling, authentic transformation and play. Technical guidance.


Connecting your heart to your word. Learning to see the images that contain everything. Self-discovery. Sculpting meaning.