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An Emotional Healing Process could be your next step if

· You tried many other things but they didn’t really work.

~ Fish don't see the water they swim in. ~

Most of what is available out there - various forms of psychology,
psychotherapy, coaching, counselling and even body-oriented therapy - are offers that stem from the very society in which we learned not to feel.

Our societies ignore how feelings and emotions are a component of every
physical or mental issue we face. We are so used to not work directly with our feelings that we don’t even notice that we don't.
Many people go to therapy for months or years, without clear results, without much changing, without tools that can autonomously be deepened, used and refined in day-to-day life.

Something completely different is possible. 
It starts with un-numbing yourself, and then learning how to retrieve clarity, possibility and fuel for action from your feelings.
Working with feelings in this particular way is not commonly available yet, worldwide.

Feeling is not for pussies. Feeling is not just for children.
Feeling is not 'just for women'. Feeling is not just for people on NetFlix.
Feeling is your most needed, most underrated and depreciated life skill for navigating the challenges and pleasures of your life with distinction, elegance and authority.

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