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You contain powerful resources of energy and intelligence called 'Feelings'. Feelings are forces of nature that your body provides you with naturally and that still go largely misunderstood, underrated and ignored by most of humanity today.  The fact that humans have a word to refer to Feelings does not mean they understand how to use them. 

As you grow up, you learn that feeling is not okay. You either get told so explicitly by parents, caretakers, teachers and friends, or you learn so tacitly by watching grown-ups enduring and holding out their feelings, pretending their feelings aren't there, avoiding to ever talk about them and thus giving off the message that feelings should be held in.
Perhaps you also watched adults explode after bearing with an unexpressed feeling for too long, creating scary, unpredictable situations for anyone around. These experiences served as more evidence that feelings are indeed bad.

Our bodies have feelings all the time.
Having a body full of feelings, but no permission to feel them, creates the experience of insecurity, restlessness, inferiority and the need to create numbing strategies or pretend you are someone you are not. A lot of energy goes into not feeling our feelings

Cutting yourself off from your feelings cuts you off from the energy, information and guidance that are meant for navigating life. Feelings contain the fuel and information for making decisions, stopping and starting things, having beautifully intimate relationships, taking risks, transcending and empowering yourself and creating whatever it is you want to create. Feelings are the colours of life. They are the reason people go to amusement parks and watch movies - to feel exhilaration (fear and joy) and watch people on the screen having the feelings we all pretend not to have in 'daily life'.

To be continued.

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