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A Singing Immersion is

.. a merging of vocal work and bodywork.

It is sourced from where you are at and takes you to your edge.

Together we free our body, mind and voice into a space where we are playful, spontaneous and alive. 


Being in this state is delicious and enables us to be completely available to experience, express ourselves and learn.

We immerse ourselves in sound, tuning with each other and our own voices; finding different voice qualities and relaxing into our own; working with rhythm and instant composition. 

Finally we let ourselves be taken away by beautiful songs from different times and countries, for the joy of singing itself, visiting places where improvisation happens naturally.

By the end of working together you will have learned a number of songs, learned some voice release techniques and hopefully experienced many moments of creative freedom and liberated presence. 


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to your city, village, town,
for a training or workshop for your circle.

Nikki Wagner, Miami

Nikki Wagner, Miami

Video afspelen


“So the workshop helped, and was another step in opening the field of voice, improvisation, trusting and being natural in front of others.”

Lies, Germany (2017)

“I especially enjoyed the creative, organic and including/spontaneous nature of the workshop. I somehow I felt very alive, engaged and challenged in a good way.”

Justus Sutsuj, Germany (2017)

“You will get introduced in a playful way to learn more about your voice and about singing, in a warm group experience.” (2019)

I want to say that my experience with Naomi has been magical. She has got my attention all the time while around her. Her energy is magnetic and empowering. When I talk to her I feel as if she takes me on a journey of elegance and beauty, through my shadow world, and with so much clarity in my senses; then I end up with my feet on the ground with and empowering posture of myself. It’s like a trip to the unknown with her hand to support me . Her voice is healing for my soul. She involves her energy of joyful curiosity, nurturing patience and respect for the process of each of us involved in the singing classes.
Her intuition is incredible from emotional to energetic levels . She can navigate you in all of your feelings.
She is
a fierce angel I want to have around.

Nayade Temes (2021)

"Altamente recomendable.

Esto sí que es medicina!"

Les comparto que ya he tomado el taller en dos ocasiones y es una joya !

Naomi nos guía con mucha intuición, sabiduría, creatividad y libertad, lo cual hace una experiencia única.

Cómo muchos saben, vivo rodeada de gente muy talentosa. Dentro de ese marco me cohibo o me cuesta sacar la voz o adentrarme en cualquier disciplina artística.....

Dentro del taller me sentí totalmente libre frente a mí y al grupo, conecté, experimenté y conocí mi propia voz de una manera natural, divertida, gozosa....sin empujar....sin expectativas...floreció algo hermoso que tiene que ver con la confianza y recordar lo únicos que somos.

Y no sólo trabajamos la voz, también el cuerpo a través de ejercicios inesperados, profundos, reveladores, relajación, respiración....

También aprendí técnicas específicas para desarrollar todo el potencial de la voz.

Les invito pues a profundizar en la primera y mas valiosa caja de resonancia que existe, nuestro propio cuerpo, no necesitas nada más, lo cual me parece maravilloso.


Y lo más importante: me divertí mucho.

Muchas gracias Naomi por volvernos a convocar en tan bella labor!"

Aurora Forteza (2019)

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